Heat Pump Services in Vancouver WA

Providing Dependable Heat Pump Installation, Replacement, Maintenance & Repair.

Are you looking for an energy-efficient alternative to a gas or electric furnace? Have you considered installing a heat pump! If you are in need of a reliable HVAC company in Southwest Washington, look no further than Hendrickson HVAC.  We can provide you with the professional heat pump services you need to keep your home comfortable in any season from freezing cold winters to scorching hot summers.  Our goal is to ensure the complete satisfaction of every customer by offering you an array of dependable and affordable heat pump services. Our expert heat pump services include installation, replacement, repair and routine maintenance.


Heat Pump Installation

If your current heat pump is making strange noises or has quit working completely, give us a call. A new heat pump installation can do wonders for your home comfort!  We understand the importance of choosing an efficient heat pump that will help to reduce your energy consumption while increasing your home’s comfort. We can help you choose the right heat pump that best matches your individual needs before providing you with a quick and reliable installation.

A new heat pump installation can provide you with:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Warmer temperatures
  • Fewer repairs in the future
  • Less chance of breakdowns
  • And more!

A new updated heat pump is a cost effective option if you’re looking to improve your heating system. And the lower energy bills could even help to cover the cost of a new unit!

Heat Pump Replacement

Sometimes homeowners will choose to repair their heat pump over replacement. Why? Because it can be cheaper and faster. But that is not always the case. Many times there are situations where replacing your heat pump will not only be a simpler solution, but a more cost-effective one as well!

Replacement may be your best bet if:

  • You’re seeing spikes in heating costs
  • Your system cannot meet your heating needs
  • You make too many calls for professional repair
  • Your system is getting too old

Heat Pump Repair

Suspect your heat pump is not operating properly? When a heat pump fails to operate at optimal levels, you may experience a variety of issues that could include inadequate heating, increased energy bills, and heat pump failure. It could be time to call the experts at Hendrickson HVAC Services. Our technicians can repair any make and model.

Signs you should schedule heat pump repairs include:

  • Recent spikes in your energy bills
  • Uneven heating throughout your home
  • Strange and unusual noises
  • Heat pump cycling on and off
  • And more

Heat Pump Maintenance

If you own a heat pump, you want to make sure it is running its best, all year long. We can help to prevent unexpected issues that can negatively affect your heat pump’s performance, such as failure or malfunction.

Heat Pump maintenance services include:

  • Change or clean all air filters
  • Perform routine diagnostics
  • Check freon pressures
  • Make sure thermostat is working properly

Free Estimates on any Heat Pump Services in Southwest Washington

If you live in Vancouver, Ridgefield, Camas, Washougal, Woodland, Longview, or surrounding areas in Washington contact us the next time you have heat pump issues. We can fix your problem or recommend options. Our certified technicians are experts when it comes to heat pump problems and so you can rest assured knowing your home will be comfortable again soon!