Hendrickson HVAC in 2006

Ken in 2006

Established in 2006, Ken ran Hendrickson Hvac out of his 800 square foot garage. With a vision in mind and tools in his pouch, he worked long hours along with his few employees to form and fine tune his business. Like many small startups, he wore many hats and worked in every division throughout his business. This enabled Ken to set the bar for the workmanship standard that he wanted his business to provide.

We have since expanded our expertise from mainly new construction installations & On Demand Service, to also providing Home Performance Analysis and Equipment Replacement. The expansion was to provide customers with our unparalleled customer service throughout the life of their hvac system and ensure a comfortable home. For adequate space to perform our day to day operations, we have since moved into a bigger building located in the City of Battle Ground.


Ken has since moved in to a managerial/advisory role and his sons have stepped up to fill his vacated positions. With the same mentality of their father, Ken’s sons are working to build upon his vision of Hendrickson Hvac. Even though the roles have shifted within the business the goal of Hendrickson Hvac has not: To treat every home as if it was our own.