Electronic Filter

Enhance your Indoor Air Quality With a Advanced, Electronic Air Filter.

Service & Repair

Cut down on your energy costs today by maintaining your equipment and fixing problems before they get out of hand.

New Installations

Modern HVAC systems offer energy efficient heat and cooling for your home, and improve air circulation all year long.


Hendrickson HVAC is an innovative heating and cooling company located in Battle Ground, Washington with progressive ideas and old fashion quality and values. Each installation receives the personal attention of our highly trained technicians, from gas furnaces to air source heat pumps. We understand that each and every installation requires special attention and we treat each installation as though it were for one of our own family's comfort. Our focus is to provide both businesses and families located in the Pacific Northwest with high quality, affordable, HVAC systems.

We do that by evaluating your entire home heating and air conditioning system, as well as the environmental and physical factors that can affect the comfort level of your house. Our all-inclusive approach lets us devise an optimal plan for your home that won't break your budget. This results in cost-effective solutions that make your house worth coming home to.

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